No UV face select mode

I am running blender 64bit windows version 2.49b, and I have no option for UV face select mode. I have a UV mesh object selected and option just isn’t there. Please help. I am new to Blender and can not continue with this tutorial.

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Haven’t seen this question come up for some time.
Just select a face in edit mode. If your tutorial refers to UV Face select mode it is a very old tutorial. Try and use a tutorial relevant to the version of blender you are using to avoid these types of changes that happen over time.

Thank you.

Unfortunately that did not work. I checked with and the tutorials are for my version of blender. They sadi maybe not b, and not 64bit, but they were created with 2.49

[QUOTE][/QUOTE]UV Face select mode got rolled into the normal edit mode about blender version 2.46 if I recall.
ALl the cartoonsmart tutorials I’ve seen including the one for ‘Materials and Textures’ have been using blender 2.46 (looking at the header in the 3dview) or earlier, not for 2.49.

You recall correct

Thanks for the link. Helped a lot!