No Vector Pass

I am using 2.43 and have tried to creat a Vec (Speed) pass in a render so that I can plug it into the compositor and use the vector blur. Unfourtunetly, I can’t get the renderer to do a Vec pass. Anyone know why?

have u got n e thing moving in the scene? it requires movement/ animation to work

have u seen

Yes and yes. I’ve got plenty of movement and the problem is that the vec render pass won’t turn on.


That’s just the problem. I turn on the vec render pass and animate the entire animation. I take the resulting video, and plug it into the compositor, and no speed output shows up. I can’t connect it to the vector blur node.

Oh, dude. You can’t render the video THEN run it through the composite. That’ll only work if you save each frame as a multilayer EXR file or something, and no-one wants to do that, that’s for sure. Saving a regular video won’t encode vector info. If you aren’t going to save the vector passes as a seperate video or encode them into an EXR sequence, then you need to run each frame straight through the compositor BEFORE it’s made into a video.

So how do I plug a rendered sequence into the compositor? With a still rendered image, I can just do Input > Rendered Image, But will that work with a rendered animation? Or are you saying that I have to render the whole thing as seperate images that I plug back into the compositor as an image sequence?


Drat! Oh well. Maybe it will be a feature some day huh?

So, a better question. Why the heck can’t you just run them through the vector blur node before all this instead of after? Would it kill you? I really don’t see the difficulty.

Anyway, you can, in fact, save the vector data as a movie sequence to be combined with the movie frames later, it requires some node work, though, but you can convert vector data to a separate movie files.