No videos from this year Siggraph ?

I recall there were videos from the BOF from Siggraph either from Blender Nation or other sources, last years. Did anyone made one this year ?
So far there’s only a report from Ton and some slides. Any videos ?


Sadly, I had some issues with the video camera, which was my fault, I was also a bit ill and on top of that, the BBB crew was constantly running around from studio to studio. So It was hard to pin anyone down for interviews this year. I do have a little bit of video from BOF but I haven’t decided yet, if it’s worth publishing it or not.

Even if it’s little and not so high quality I and all the other blenders would be glad to see it :smiley:


what about the blender demo reel this year, does it exists or was that collecting videos just nothing?

There was no demo reel this year. It seems not enough quality content was provided when there was a call for it.

to quote from a sunday meeting>

Not enough time to make one.

well someone else could have done it.

The quality of work submitted was not high enough.

yeah right, go see an optometrist or check the calibration your monitor.
what an absolute insult to the entire worldwide Blender Community.

and another quote from the same session.

If a large studio wanted to employ 30 Blender artists there would be not enough people good enough to fill the positions.

great to see the devs have such faith in the community.
maybe they should ask themselves why are they building a app that they believe no-one is good enough to use.

‘If a large studio wanted to employ 30 Blender artists there would be not enough people good enough to fill the positions.’

Any studio using any 3D software would struggle to get 30 good artists. With projects that big you have to retrain people from other packages.

Well, the submitted work wasn’t high enough quality. There’s lots of good work, but it does have to be submitted for them to use it as an example. Besides, BBB was being used, which is one of the most impressive things made with blender.

Well, if you only counted those with good enough skills and old enough to be employable (No high schoolers) there’s probably thirty people on this forum, but every one of them already has a job.

Can’t we at least SEE the submitted videos? Where was that page?

could it be this one?

ok, it really did disappoint me, that there was no Demo Reel this year.
Sure, nothing comes close to BBB in terms of Quality.
Also the Apricot features are fantastic.
No Blender Booth & plenty of Live Demonstrations covers the lack of Demo Reel.
I am probably taking the comments out of context. sorry lr.
I will say that,
There have been some other really great videos this year.
With so much going on for Blender atm, probably the task of making the video should have started earlier & instead of a call for content, a call for a team of Artists to composite the Demo reel.
I’m sure the community would have done it, and done it well.