No videos in my file


I dont know if the reason is 2.48. I have try 30 times to pic up my animated videos, there is no videos?? in the file.

Im sure I follow every step I supose to do.

In format - Quick Time - default. In Output I press the top box /tmp/.

Next window P /tmp/ I do nothing. I press Select Output Pictures button and Anim.

After render/Animation I press Play, everything run perfect. i open up my document map
to get my newmade videofile, but there is no videofile???

Do you have any ideas wath to do.

Thank you in advance.


Rotating_blend.blend (209 KB)

Checked ur file…nothing is wrong with it…
I was able to get a quicktime made…but i was doing that on the linux version…
if ure using windows then ffmpeg doesnt work(atleast never used to)…so im not sure if it does create a movie at all…
also try and give the movie a name so its easier to find…it just might be that u dont see it… but its right there…
hope this helps

Thanks for reply.

Im running a iMac Leopard Intel. i dont have any problem with this before.
I have reload Blender and I try to find 2,47 at Blender download, but there is no 2,47.

i still investigate.