No Viewport Cycles Rendering? Help!

Hello there!
I’m new to this forum AND to Blender…
Must’ve done something wrong with shortcuts or anything, but now my Cycles viewport shows a grey thing instead of my rendered objects! While my solid mode, materials mode and EEVEE modes works fine ! Even when I restarted Blender the issue was still there… Here are some view caps :
I will add that this occurs only into this specific file, an older copy of it works fine. And the rendering command (f12) works fine as well.
I work on 2.82. Thanks for help!

Up this message maybe?

… Please?

Hum, hello…

What kind of forum is that?

hmm, can you provide a blend file? without it is a bit complicated to debug

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OF course! Here it is :

Sorry fot the delay, it seems you paused the viewport render, just uncheck this button:


Wow. That was so stupid. But couldn’t find the answer anywhere online. Thank you so much!

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