No views except my own

Hi. I posted in the paid jobs section several days ago. The only views I’ve seen have been my own. Is there any way to tell that my post is even visible to anyone? Thanks.

It’s quite wierd, indeed.
On your profile, your last post, apart from this one, seems to be in 2012 :

See you ++

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Actually, I haven’t been around here for that long a time, so no mystery there. Just the current one. Thanks for responding. I guess if you can see it, then it must be visible to others too. Hmm. Now I wonder if my offer of >$50 is too measley to interest any of these talented artists. Gone are the days of the starving artist? heehee

Sorry to bother you again, but you actually never made clear if my post in the paid work section was even visible. Could you let me know? Thanks

I don’t see any posts from you in recent Paid Work.

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Thanks for letting me know. Now I just need to figure out what I did wrong.
Although I can see the New Post button off to the right, when I hover, it just presents a no can do pal icon. Can you show me how to give you some kudos for responding? Do those apply here at blenderartists?

You can click the heart icon to like the post.

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Done. Liked ya at every response where I found a heart icon. I’ll like ya even more if you know anything about why I have trouble getting rid of the ‘no can do pal’ hover icon when I try to post.

Can you post a screenshot showing it?

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Here’s the post as already ‘posted’ as seen on my end. If I need to start another post to show it just before posting, I’ll send that too. Thx

That’s really odd, you may have some permissions that are off, maybe @FinalBarrage knows what this is?

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Wait, that envelope icon means it’s a private message, You have private messaged yourself.

go to paid jobs and repost.

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Ahhhh. I’ll try again. Thank you so much. Wish I could send you a triple heart for that. You’ve taught me a lot.

Did i miss anything?

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All figured out, thanks.

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Thanks everyone who responded. If any responder (you too FinalBarrage) didn’t get kudos for each and every addition to this post, please let me know. Still learning how blenderartists works. I may not be THAT generous in the future, but I’m happy to be so just now. I’m not sure if I have to actually reply to every individual message to lock those kudos in or not or whether just pressing the heart symbol is sufficient without any further action. I’d also like to add that I was never terribly observant of kudos at other help sites and often wondered hmmm… why isn’t anyone being very helpful after a while. Ha!