No visible difference between OSA 5 and OSA 16

What is the purpose of the OSA buttons beyond 5? Sure it makes quite a difference when using MBLUR but without that, there seems to be no difference between 5 and 16.

In fact the antialiasing in 16 is still not perfect infact its not even good. Sure use camera jitter but that would make the renders 5 times as long.

And then there are the black line artifacts.

How does one achieve better results with antialiasing?

Heu…have you enabled the OSA button???

And then there are the black line artifacts.

Are you talking about the black lines that appear across the image during the render? Those aren’t really artifacts - that’s just the way Blender displays the picture being rendered. Once the render ends, they should go away; they do not appear in a saved image (or in a finished picture that’s just being displayed).

OSA Button is switched on yes. :stuck_out_tongue:

But no difference, even the render time is the same, would have thought at 16 it would be slower.

Also the black line artificats are not to do with the black line accross the screen during render. If you look in your scene small little black lines appear depending on the camera angle, they are not shadows either.

They are artifacts and totally ruin the picture. They seem to be visible only when using image maps although this still needs to be confirmed. They are not in the original image. To me it looks like an error in the antialiasing as they only appear on the edges of objects. Or maybe an error in the reflected light calculations.

This is Blender 2.23 BTW.

Ah, maybe you have enabled the EDGE-toon shading button??!
Check, please

2.23 on OS X had very poor rendering, the OSA was broken, I’m not sure about the other OS versions. The rendering was fixed in 2.25.


No, toon edge is off, its much more subtle than that. I only wish I could post to a server to show you. Tiny black streaks running on edges much thinner than the toon edge and not all edges.


Running on Windows. If I could try the same render on a linux box, I might be able to tell you if its my platform. I have tried 2.25 (as in the recently compiled 2.25b is there another version?), but the same there also, still get jaggies on edges even at OSA16 and occasionally black specks (streaks)

Puzzled expression…

If you are rendering a still, you can improve the anti-aliasin by pushing the MBlur button. I ried it on a simple sphere, lit by two point lights, and the difference is very noticable. The MBlurred AA is (almost) perfect.

I agree with you, the MBlur does work nicely. It’s just a pity it takes so long. :-?

go to publisher has been released.

Thanks, got it…