No way to get Atmosphere and texture transparency to work?

Large scene, tree with transparency texture, sunlamp and atmosphere on. Looks great, it just seems that atmosphere is not working with any kind of transparency.

No matter if I set z-trans or ray-trans, the atmosphere is always occluded by the whole quad, ignoring the transparency.

A small .blend illustrating the problem.
The quad in front has a spherical ramp procedural as alphamap to create the red dot.

Is there any way to get this to work, or is it a “known issue” and no way to use it together.

The problem is the Inscattering,with any value different from 0, you goin to see the shape of the plane… of course, down the value to zero is not an option, the result is horrible… So it’s possible that you must try to get the same result just with lamps, without using atmosphere :confused:

I don’t think the sky/atmosphere feature has really worked well with anything dealing with raytracing or transparency since its initial implementation in the 2.4x series.

Now it seems to me that it wouldn’t be entirely trivial to get it to work with raytracing because of the fact the feature is scanline-based (though might not take as much code to simply get it working with basic Z-transparency). But seeing this work with raytracing and transparency would be nice even though we know the days of BI are numbered in the wake of the Cycles engine.

I was afraid that it is a futile feature.

If cycles will offer a nice biased render kernel I am all for it, let BI die, replace it with cycles.
If not, I hope BI gets some love. It’s one of my fav. biased renderers. Once you get to know it’s mannerism you get nice results in a short time.