No where to register on YafaRay site

Trying to install and use YafaRay for the first time.
Would not install on 2.79 with version 3.3.0
Trying to report bug, but there is no register link I can see to register to report a bug.
Any help would be appreciated.

They would probably be better served by you reporting it on github.

However, based on the addon’s commit logs, it looks like the 3.3.0 release doesn’t support 2.79 so you haven’t encountered a bug. There are commits for 2.79 compatibility so perhaps try downloading the repo as a zip and installing it.
Alternatively, use Luxrender or Appleseed because they’re under active development.

oh, I see.
Yes, just figured out I can use Luxrender now with Win on Parallels on Mac.
Thanks for the reply.
Lux was really what I wanted to use.

edit: I see Mac is now supported. Installing there.

Yafaray works in Blender 2.79b, there’s only a small syntax error due to change in the API in Blender (line 124 of file …\ui\ needs to be written as follows:
col.prop(camera, “show_safe_areas”, text=“Safe Areas”)

instead of
col.prop(camera, “show_title_safe”, text=“Title Safe”)

This seems to be the only “error” that I’ve seen in Blender’s console but I cannot exclude others with actions that I normally don’t do in Yafaray.