No Windowed mode in Linux?

In the past, I’ve always used the -w argument for starting Blender in Windowed mode. This appears to be futile now. Am I missing something? Sorry if this has already been addressed, I couldn’t find a thread about it. (Using Intrepid Ibex, Blender version 2.48a)

(EDIT: version 2.48a)

Hm… works for me, both in a button for my GNOME panel, and from the command line.

By default now, Blender should open with window borders. Now there’s a switch, -W (uppercase W), for a non-bordered window.

If your launching Blender from the menus then yes it won’t display correctly. (I don’t know why they package it up this way).

I launch blender from the command line anyway, so I also get a console.


I’ve tried launching it every concievable way, command line, menu, with and without -W (and -w) switch… it always opens without window borders. Time to file a bug report you think?

Just a thought. Did you look at System => Preferences => Main Menu
Right click on the Blender entry and choose preferences. Try editing the launch command there.

I launch blender from the command line anyway, so I also get a console.
Might be easier just to go to System=>Preferences=>Main Menu=>Graphics=>Blender(windowed) properties and change the type to Application in Terminal.

Back on topic, I have the same problem. And while in full screen, Alt+Tab doesn’t work quite flawlessly.

for some reason these things happen when you use compositing effects with your window manager(wobly, transparent windows). In ubuntu you can turn these off in
System->Preferences->Appearance->Visual Effects

Thank you! That fixed it.

Hi there, I am running Ubuntu 8.10 and downloaded a distro…
If i am trying to run the blender command from the terminal window Linux tells me that I do not have blender installed. I would like to run Blender in Windowed mode to streamline the Workflow for creating some tutorials.

any Ideas why Linux is telling me this??

I am running on a Mac4.1 ubuntu 8.10 and blender 2.48a

Regard, depending on where you put the executable you might need to type in the path.

Yes, how did you install?

I started out by doing “sudo apt-get install blender”, as it got me all of the dependencies and such. Since the version in the repo is old, I went and updated the scripts and the Blender binary itself in /usr/share/blender and /usr/bin respectively.

If you installed from, however, you’ll have to type the entire path to run blender (e.g. ~/bin/blender) or cd to its directory and do ./blender.

Another thing you could do if you know that you aren’t going to install from the repos, is to add your Blender directory to the path. If Blender is located at ~/bin, then you could add the following line to ~/.bashrc :

PATH=$PATH\:~/bin; export PATH

Mine never seems to work windowed if I’m using Compiz. In fact none of my windows have a border when I’m using Compiz. I’ve even tried changing the border settings in the Compiz settings manager, but it never changes so I just live with an ordinary desktop.

What distro are you running?

I’m running Ubuntu 8.10, but it might also have to do with my ancient graphics card.


Maybe try the method in this thread: