No Wine! (Beginner)

hello all. this is my first post, and my first real go at modelling something so pllllease go easy, although i am after criticism and fingers to point me in the right directions as far as tutorials etc go.

this is nothing fancy, just practicing with glass/transperanc, and lighting.

further down the road im hoping to get into animation maybe even games but i think id rather animate. i have a lot of ideas etc just need to keep learning :slight_smile:

Hi Matt_85, welcome to blenderartists! : )

The material of the glass is really great, the picture is very gray though so maybe you would like to put the objects on a wooden table or something (always makes every picture feel a little warmer) or maybe change the lights to not cast such black shadows or make the lamps a little (but just a little!) more yellow.

Otherwise, good for a beginner : )

…try setting table material to receive transp. shadow…keep it up…