No yafray support on Renderplanet soon. (Information)

Hi, just got some information, I guess there are many people interested in this:


The reason we do not support Yafray is that it is very instable. We’ll
need to wait until a more stable versions is released.

Thanks for the input,
Mikael Lirbank
Render Planet AB

> —Message—
> Hello,
> First I wanted to say thanks for providing this wonderful service.
> Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to render Blender Images, which need the
> Yafray Renderer to Work. Is it possible to implement it?
> It’s free and not really difficult to connect to Blender.
> If there’s any interest about that, there’s a Yafray set-up tutorial on
> With best regards,
> Chris


Actually that’s not true. It is very possible to render images straight out of blender. And here is full documentation on how to do so.

Chris and dreamsgate, I had also inquired about it in past.

Actualy it is like that Blender Yafray, straight outof the box is not fully free of bugs, it does have a tendency of crashing some times. And that’s why they have to keep it away till it stable enough for normal usage, mind you they also have commercial usage for the work.


it does have a tendency of crashing some times

Yeah, well the average rate of failure for me is more than 50%. Which means on more than half of my images, Yafray and with it Blender crashes. There are some scenes, even simple ones, that I cannot render with Yafray at all.
So I hope this will change in the future, and that Renderplanet will then change their stance on this.