no \

(monocult) #1


I use win XP and blender 2.5 in every program i can use the “”

but only in the python script window i can’t type in a “”

why ?

pleas help

(DanielP) #2

Could be the German Keyboard, i have the same problem.

Wir können ja uns mal kontakten, wenn einer 'ne Lösung hat.


(Schlops) #3

Jau, das sollte an der deutschen Tastatur liegen.

Use an external editor to program your python-scripts, open it in blender with Shift-Alt-F. After some changes inside the text-editor you can easily reopen the file in blender with Ctrl-Alt-R.
An external editor (e.g. UltraEdit, (X)Emacs) has also some advantages like syntax-higlight, auto-indention, abbrevs. and so on.

(monocult) #4

yes I know but the problem is that the runing Lightflow script need a Path to the program files.

but I have try to put in a / (c:/tex…)
and now it works fine for me I think blender or python can use a unix style path too ?!