Taking a bit of a break from humanoids, i was playing around in blender while at school and i got into showing some classmates the cloth physics blender has, and then i made what i had into a table, and so on until i got here. This scene is not based on any pre-existing resteraunts, this is out of my head.


The reason that i call this “No…” is that in my mind i picture a girl being proposed to but declining and leaving abruptly.

any comments, suggestions, etc. are welcome.

this is the final version of this scene, im looking to continue this story in another scene which will be called “why…” make sure to look out for it.

I think it would be the guy who would leave abruptly after being rejected. But now it was the girl, and the guy took a deep sip from his huge wineglass that could contain 3/4 of a winebottle. :slight_smile:

The glasses seems to have sunken through the tablecloth too.

thanks, ill check those glasses theyre either sunk a little bit or for some reason i made the bases too small

Pretty cool. Actually, the color scheme, tables, chairs, all reminded me of a pizza shop in the town I grew up in. Right down to the heart-shaped seat backs. Very cool.

The shadows of the wine glasses also look slightly off though - I would expect there to be a difference in the shadow for the almost empty glass.

Nicely done! but there a several things i would fix for realism:

  1. the floor tiles are MassivE, usually there much smaller

  2. the back rest is too short for it to either be useful or conformable

  3. bases of wine glass and table dont look too sturdy :stuck_out_tongue:

  4. I do understand that this is the beigning…but it does need abit more background.

then again im not exactly sure what you’re going for…(wether it be a “feel” to the scene or just realism…)

Ah, the famous chessboard cafe in Sydney, many a casinova has cryed “checkmate” before making a hasty exit, but was it a no or maybe… just maybe a yes.


raised the glasses and even widened them alot more
widened the base of the table
changed floor
changed back of chair

next update im hoping to get an actual wall, and maybe change the floor to hardwood, im still trying to figure out lighting for the glasses, if anyone has an up to date tutorial on lighting with glass it would be appreciated

all right, sorry its been awhile since my last update, i figured i didnt have the skill or knowledge to make it any better, but i sat myself down today and updated it.


changed alot, new floor, new wall, changed lighting, camera angle, tablecloth

final update, hope ya like it.