Noah's Arch Reloaded

The concept of this artwork was to show how Noah’s Arch would look like in future. Therefore, instead of humans there are just robots on board of the ship and some baby robots are stored in the “Library”. I used cycles for all detail renders. Critique appreciated! I found out how to variate a materials between evee and cycles which was super useful in the end and I am overall pretty satisfied with how it turned out. The only thing I noticed is the lack of detail, I just don‘t know how to apply it without it looking wrong or “off”… Any tips with that? Thank you for reading this, have a nice day :slight_smile:

evee render

cycles render

the “library”

the steering robot


and some random robot that fell over


Hello. I will try to critique this, though you don’t say much about what sort of critique you want, so I will go by my taste, assumptions and biases.

I think it’s a cute concept. However, I don’t think your concpet of “noahs arch” for robots comes across right away to the viewer, I had to read the descrition to understand that. There are a few reasons for that.

  1. zoom level vs presentation
    You have many nice details in this model, but they are all small and hard to see by the overall first render where you see the whole ship. It is easy to get lost in details when 3D modeling since we can zoom in and out. It’s a good idea to doodle on paper an idea of what you want the overall composition to be so you know if the details will be visible in your composition as is. (I presume the whole ship would be viewable since those are your first renders)

  2. presenation of concept
    Since the model itself is the focus, you have not included any background for the image, but I think having even a simple background would help sell the idea more and make it look nice. maybe a simple green BG to imply it’s over some nature or flying over something would help ground it better, or space stuff, if it’s in space. just so it gets some context. it would also be easier on the eye since right now it is very high contrast.

  3. if you really want people to notice it’s like noas arch, it could be useful to include references to that that people visually recognize, like animals in pairs. but for you that could be robots in pairs boarding the ship for example. then I think most people would get it straight away. but this depends on what you wanted out of it.

I made this critique with assumptions that the first image is “the main image” and that most people would not see your zoomed in renders. Though in general I think models that have applications like games or art need to be made to work with 1 primary zoom level in mind.

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Forgot to say, that your “detail” probelm is down to the zoom issue, because you have made the other details small, it creates an expectation to continue on that detail level so you have to make everything match that scale. If you exaggerate those shapes and make them large and cartoony releative to the body of the ship, then it will not seem like it lacks details since the level of detail will then be consistent. example:

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First off, thank you for your answer! Appreciate that you took that time to give me some feedback :slight_smile:
I totally see what you mean with the zoom level vs. final render. I have to admit I totally lost myself in some of this little detail like the fingers on that robot turned upside down. And I also think it is mainly the density of detail on that mate that causes it to fall apart.

Adding a background image sounds like a very good idea to sell that story better. And now that you mention it, I really think I should have included more robots and arrange them like animals, maybe even have a robot dove flying over it.

Totally right again with that detail consistency, maybe I could simplify the robot and make it a bit bigger.

Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it! Have a nice day!