:slight_smile: “Hello, I don’t know why I started to model this.I had no refrence it all came from me.Actually started to model something else and it turned into this when I got frustrated and put it all into the model.I don’t know what plant this would resemble but it’s origonal.I have some good ideas for this model hopefully it will turn out good.I call it the Nobis flower.”



Heres another update.


I still have alot more in mind for this model…

nice… some ambient occlusion would really help it I think.

Nice flower, though I think either the scene is a)overlit or b)the flower is emitting light. I like the stem, though I would rather that the specularity on it is lowered so it doesn’t look so “plasticky”.

better lighting and textures could make this nice work much better. :slight_smile:

Your all right the lighting/scene is a bit bright and the textures need work to,But I’m focus on the modeling and when the modeling is finished then I’ll work on all the other things.Thanks for the comments.

Very nice.

I really like how saturated the colors are. When you go to polish the lighting setup, I’d try to keep that intense saturated feeling. Makes for a neat style. It makes me think of something that you might find in an rpg forest, heh.

:smiley: Hey thanks,I’m going for a fantasy sytle.Here’s another update.

(click image for full view)

It’s starting to take shape as I invisioned, But there is alot more modeling to do still…

I liked your first update (second post) because the colors were more balanced. Looking very “trippy”… keep it vibrant would be my suggestion.
The only thing that bothers me about this piece is that nature is asymetrical.
I can tell you have a good eye…so don’t keep everything so centered.
Your logos and designs are not what you should be using to break up the space, but rather the actual subject. Looking forward to seeing how this piece

have not seen ( or remeber) seeing your nick around :smiley:
no matter. welcome to the community

Hey, Thanks.I agree that the second post/update looks better.I’ll keep your suggestions in mind.

“have not seen ( or remeber) seeing your nick around
no matter. welcome to the community”

Thanks,Actually I’ve been around for years, just never posted anything tell lately.(As you can see joined 2002 but I was snooping around for a year before that lol)

Here is another update.I don’t know if I’m going to do anymore modeling execpt for the scene, I was thinking about thorns.


Your most recent update reminds me of Little Shop of Horrors. Let’s hope it doesn’t start singing or eating the community :wink:

I sort of like the contrast between the vibrant colors in the flower and the “single-coloredness” of the stem. But the stem seems a bit too big at this point. I’d scale it down or scale the flower up.

That it cool! 8)

Its like something out of Myst III: Exile. Keep up the good work!


looking good, I like it…
get rid of that background.