Noble M14


here my lastest project, not much left to do, just teh under body and the lights the front

any surgestions, tips, hint and crits are welcome

and a big thanks goes out to sonix for the help with teh materials cheers :smiley:

well …

errrrr ???

wooooooooooooooooow …

that’s all :o

Looks very very nice so far, the M14 is a beauty - so it’s also a good choice. I think the front wings need to be a bit more bulgy, they look too square (especially on the 2nd image, where the curved door meets the square edged wing).

I’m looking forward to updates - from what I see now, I think this will become very a beautiful car model. What a car!

thanks for the replys :smiley:

@ thoro, i dont really get wat u mean, could u edit one of my pics to show me

here a new render
i have not done any work on it, but i will on monday

Yes, here it is: