Nocturne (large and many images)

Hi, I’m new here, but some of you may know me as HAL from other places so anyway.

e:/almost forgot: The concept is from that first Final fantasy movie spirits within. Credits to them.

As I’m still not done with the specular map I’ll post this in the works in progress area :stuck_out_tongue:

The modeling for this project was done entirely in Blender.

The normal and ambient occlusion maps were baked in Xnormal and the textures are done in photoshop.

Realtime screengrabs from 8monkeylabs great marmoset toolbag.


3*2048 Texture
Lowpoly: 5253 tris
Highpoly ~1,4 mio

so here it goes:

Comments on everything are really appreciated :smiley:

Hope you like it.


Love the style! Keep it up!!

Nice use of textures. I have watched that movie spirits within over and over. You can actually see pores in the skin of the characters. I would love to see some more of your work…

Lovely textures and modeling.

Hey thanks everybody, I’ll finish it over the weekend I guess.

Woa! Thats really sweet!

Man… I really need to learn how to make textures. :frowning: