Nodal Rendering

Now that I’ve got your attention with that cryptic title. Let me explain a great idea I just had while walking the dogs. Since I know it is a great idea, I’m sure I’m not the first to think of it.

It’s sorta like a renderfarm, but without the direct network connection. Say I want to render an animation that is going to take me 72 hours to render alone. What if there was a forum area here for ppl to post links to a dropbox where that .blend was. Then post in the forum that they are willing to help render or say they are willing to dedicate a few hours. Well you get 20 ppl to do this and my 72 hour render just became a 3 1/2 hour render.

At first it would have to work off trust. A person says they will render frames 50-100 and you just will have to trust they will. I mean any help is better than no help. Lately I’ve seen some amazing art on Deviantarts and got to talking to the artists just to find out they rendered it over a week on an old P4 with 64MB of onboard gpu. I have offered to render for them. My system isn’t a Pixar machine but its a damn sight better than a P4. I don’t mind setting my computer to render for ppl. I know that ridiculous render times have held me back for years in blender. I see no reason why this should be the case when there are so many of us using it.

Ok so as a future thought for a site dedicated to this single task I suggest a communal storage area and a way to track users who actually finish renders for others. The only way you can put a job out to be rendered would be if you had gained enough “render points” by rendering for others. Say its calculated by frame. If you render 1000 frames you get a 100 frame pass, so you can now put up a request for 100 frames to be rendered. This is all just an idea now. I’d appreciate you guy’s ideas on how to make this a reality.

There are lots of things I know nothing about that would be a must for a site like this. Ok there’s the idea. Ideas GO!

You could put your machine on the swarm.

I participated for a while and my electric bill went up.

Well shit. That’s pretty much exactly what I was talking about. I knew I couldn’t have been the first to think of it. Still, we could add an area in this forum for ppl to ask for help rendering. I think it would work itself out over time; who is just a bum and who is willing to help as much as they get helped. Maybe the admins could add a stat that gets posted along with “join date, Location, Posts”. Maybe “renders” or “people helped”. We could turn it into a sort of game of who can get the highest score for being helpful. Sorta what the “Posts” stat is.