Node-Based Game Engine Addon NeuroBGE for Blender 2.9

I recently released a stable version of the node-based Blender game engine NeuroBGE. I built NeuroBGE as a solution to creating complex games directly in Blender, without any third-party applications.
NeuroBGE offers a wide range of functionality including support for physics and interaction, and requires no code. The game engine is built solely on the integrated python system within Blender, with such features as:

  • Procedural complex animation features
  • A logic editor loaded with features
  • A game engine
  • Multiplayer support
  • Build functionality for supported platforms

This powerful tool can enable you to create stable games that interact with drivers, physics, and more!
For more information or to download it, check out the repository on GitHub.


You can also see my FPS tutorial for creating a simple interactive FPS game directly in Blender with NeuroBGE here.

Any support and suggestions are greatly appreciated!


OMG i cant beleive this somehow this is AMAZING i have to try this :pray:

Thank you so much! I am having some trouble “building” or exporting the game as it does not seem to be working. Any chance you could help me with this?