Node Based Sky Shader

Node Based Sky Shader is an experimental sky shader for Blender Game Engine. It’s an asset which will give you the abilities to have a fully functional procedural sky in your project within seconds. Also you’ll be able to control it like the way you want and view every results in real-time.

Here’s a simple scene with Node Based Sky Shader.


“Standalone player” (With DOF filter and a Vignette alpha texture on camera)

Currently it’s available only for Blender Game Engine. But there will be a Cycles and EEVEE version available later in future.


 * Procedural Sky
 * Skylight modifiers
 * Procedural Sun
 * Glow 
 * Gamma
 * Glare 
 * UV Ray
 * Procedural Moon
 * Moon Detail 
 * Procedural Stars
 * Horizon 
 * Sky Fog

Node preview:


Have a look at this small video showcasing it’s features and workflows.

Download it from here…

It’s a free asset. Feel free to use it in you project. You can even use it in you commercial projects too.

The Documentation is inside the package which contains all the details including limitations, usages and prohibitions. Please read that before using it. I really hope you’ll find this shader useful.

Have fun…


holly molly man, this is really great,
the results your posting are truly awesome
i beater test this out

This is a great resource, thanks for sharing! works great. I am happy that you did not hide the properties panel, so i could read the exit key P lol.

Also you mentioned low fps on low end systems with night reading the next part i guess i know why:


1.000.000 clip end? of course it will drop in frames that is way way way way to huge for in-game. default is what 100? So i guess you mean 1000 (looked at cam clip end it’s a float that’s why there are 3 zero’s). But reading the above, one would think to put in 1000000 hit enter and you get, maybe it’s wise to change that in the documentation?

#edit: Ok wow you really got the clip end on 100.000 (not 100 but 100000) in your blend #

Also from the view…clip end, blabla, uhm where do i need to look for this one? Selecting camera and change it should be enough? (did not test the shader yet, just tried it to see how it worked)

Anyway great job!

Hello Cotaks,
I’m glad you like it. Thanks for mentioning the camera clip end issue. I forgot that 100 is the default value. I’m sorry for that. I’ve edited the documentation. :slightly_smiling_face:

Point to be noted this sky shader is completely procedurally generated.
Even if you chose 10 as a clip end or scale the sky sphere to 1.0 or less, it will still show you the same result as long as the faces are visible to the camera. Because the shader uses procedural textures and procedurally generated textures don’t have MIP maps. So every time these textures uses a native type of resolution to render. No matter how close or far the object is, the resolution of these textures will always be the same, so as framerate. A huge or tiny clip ends doesn’t really connected with the optimization of this shader. You can find that out by yourself if you want to. :smiley:

The reason why I used such big values so that the sky sphere can act like a world texture. It will benefit the users to navigate their character in the scene without parenting the sky sphere to it. This same method was used by Epic Games in Unreal Engine 4.

This shader is focused on both perspectives so that the users can easily control it from every aspect. For this reason it became necessary to change both camera clip ends.

But still I’ve updated the documentation more specifically so that new blender users can understand it. Thanks again for mentioning. :grinning:

Hey alf0,
I’m happy that you like it. :grin:

If you found any bug, please feel free to report it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have to say this looks really nice, I do however worry about performance…
How well does it perform, can anyone give some feedback?

not being able to modify is a huge problem. almost any resource needs to be adapted to a small degree at least.

maybe just restrict modifications for commercial use?

NOTICE: x16 antialiasing is very performance intensive, most hardware doesnt like it.

Looks great!
Waiting for the Cycles and EEVEE Version.

Does scaling the sky sphere also count as modifying or is it allowed?

Depends but just running the blend he provides , i’m at 75 fps (freesync on, 75 Hz monitor)
but that is with ryzen 5 1600, rx 470 nitro + OC 4 GB videocard, 16 GB ram.

you can scale it to whatever you like. that does not fall under ‘modifying’, i suggest you to scale it way down, reduce the clip distance as well, it;s way to huge.

That can be, but if you now a bit about distance in blender, then you know that after 16/20 km2 (20.000) accuracy becomes a problem, a clipping distance of 100.000 is 5 times the distance, no world can be that big.
But we can scale it down if we want so it’s actually not a big problem.

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@Cotaks That’s 75 FPS without any other logic or anything, just the scene in the images?

If yes, then I will have to pass on looking into using it…it does look nice though.

Yes, it’s only the .blend. But keep in mind freesync caps my fps to the refresh rate of my monitor, that is why it’s 75 fps. hehe without i get like ~1750 fps :wink:

will the only thing i note and i am not sure if this is my pc or not
sometimes you need to refresh the 3d view to see the results

and btw is possibole to animate it ? i

you might be able to drive some of the values with an object color node.

yeah ? but how will it be effected

experiment! thats the fun of new things. turn it inside out to figure out how to make it do what you want. :smiley:

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oh great great :slight_smile:

It works well on my low end pc, looks great too :slight_smile:

Frame rate while using Nodes with sky object

Frame rate after removing sky object completely

I would like to use it, but at this point I just need to buckle down and stop making changes…