Node "Class"

I come from more of a coding background, and thought it would be cool if I could basically create a node or noodle class. A noodle or group of nodes in a noodle that could be re-used by other node groups or noodles, without mixing the results. Any ideas? I realize this might not be possible. The goal is to minimize the number of nodes/noodles I have to reproduce that do the same thing to different parts of the… material… creation flow. Whatever that’s called.

I think I answered my own question while asking. The solution would seem to be creating multiple materials that uses noodles, each that is basically a function or class, and using them inside a main noodle. I was going to delete this thread, but I can’t seem to find a “delete thread” option. So unless you’ve got a better idea than mine, feel free to ignore this post.

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Hmm. That does NOT seem to work.

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Is the answer Node Groups, per ?

Node Groups

Conceptually, “grouping” allows you to specify a set of nodes that you can treat as though it were “just one node”. You can then re-use it one or more times in this or some other blend-file(s).