Node composition: Image Sequence Anti aliasing from EXR ?


I’m using Respower to render my project, unfortunately, I’m not finding a way to get output from the node composition. So, I’m sticking with rendered EXR multilayer files, image sequences.

After finishing a render, I get all files to my local computer, I set a node composition with this images, to output a quicktime video.

For example porpouses, I get two nodes (with both image sequences, object and background), alpha over and outputting to composite;

I use premul, but I’m not getting any anti aliasing on my finished .Mov file.

How can I achieve anti aliasing then ? Does anyone know?


  • This image sequences, where rendered with FSA 8;
  • Pressing SHIFT + R, while in composition mode, I can see the image anti-aliased

Thanks for your time and atention!

Any sugestions appreciated!

I’ve been trying to find a solution for this on IRC
some people claim its not possibel.

But my question is, why would SHIFT + S, do the anti aliasation then?

Remember I’m doing re-composition, of previously rendered animation, on respower, with FSA 8;

Premul has little or nothing to do with anti-aliasing, but it does blend edge/transparent pixels. I personally like to use Key.
Whether or not you are using a renderfarm should not matter either.
Format should not have anything to do with it either; you could use PNG just as easily as EXR - just anything that supports alpha channel…
Setting RGBA on output of original images DOES matter.
OSA/FSA needs to be done when the objects are rendered.
Select Key in the Render Panel, and save with RGBA and OSA. The anti-aliased pixels will be in the image.

In your noodle, the alphaover, do NOT select ConvertPremul if you use Key. You should be ok layering the image on top of a background. I just did a test and it’s cool - the anti-aliased pixels are there and blending.

thanks for replying back

So, from what you said, anti aliasing its only possible in rendering, in the way I’m asking or I’m wanting
to do (that is, re-composition), is not possible right?

If you prerendered some still sequences via FSA and try to send these to the renderfarm as full FSA sequences then respower will only recieve the first buffer of each FSA buffer sequence because when blender advanced to the next frame as you prerendered the other 7 buffers of each frame were overwritten by the 7 additional buffers of the current frame, and so on down the line (all but the first buffer of the fsa sequence are TEMPORARY buffers). There is currently no option save FSA buffer sequences to disk likely due to the fact that each buffer A.) is full 32bits per channel openexr multilayer format with no “Half Type” option and B.) being such massive files with 8 buffers per frame (in your case) this would quickly overload most users hard drives in very short order (100 frames or less). You’d need terabytes of space for this type of currently unavailable option.


Thanks RamboBaby!