Node configureation created when "Setup Scene" is used after motion tracking video?

Im trying to find a screen that shows the Foreground and Background node setup that is created when camera tracking of video is completed and “Setup Scene” button is pressed.

I find I prefer the tracking of Syntheyes on challenging shots to the Blender tracker. I use a script that allows me to export SE tracks and bring them into Blinder 2.65. It works great!

I know nothing about the node setup that Blender does to speed up the process of intergrating foreground and background objects into the tracked scene

Goolge has not been my friend in this pursuit. :smiley: Any suggestions?

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This is the node setup:

It does help to track with Blender anyway, I think, even if it’s just for this, or the lens distortion. As you can see, there’s an Undistort node, you need to let Blender know the lens distortion for that to work.

Renderlayer Foreground is layer 1 (top left) and the one underneath it (bottom left) as Mask Layer. Renderlayer Background is the bottom left layer, and no Mask Layers.

Many thanks nemoDeadalus. Thats what I needed. The tracking in Blender took to long to do supervised tracking. In Syntheyes I got a great track, solved, cleaned up track, determined lens distortion, created coordinates and exported a Python files in about 2 minutes.

I do appreciate you taking the time to share this with me. Once I build this, I would guess there is a way to save it as a preset. Most of the time I will be compositing in After Effects but this is good for previs as well.

Hey there is a nodes presets addon now, allows you to save favourite node groups and redistribute them as scripts!

Yes! Anyone have this configuration as a script they can share with me?