Node editor crashes ubuntu

I have ubuntu dapper installed and its my current os. Its a graet os except that when i use the node editor after about a minute or so my screen just goes blank and i cant do anything. ctrl+alt+backspace doesnt even work so i have to reboot by pushing the power button.

I wondering if any on can help me or if anyone else has the same problem. I think it has to do with my graphics card (Nvidia Geforce 6200 turbocache) because i tried to get XGL working and a get a similar problem, everything just freezes and i cant move my mouse. but i still get video output cause my screen doesn’t go blank.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Did you re-install ubuntu after attempting to install XGL?

Also try downloading the SDl dev files from synaptic, it might help but if it doesnt atleast you’ll be able to run the Blender Game Engine.

Yes i did re-install ubuntu after trying to get xgl to work. As for the SDI dev files couldnt find them. but i dont think that will help. I can use the Blender Game Engine fine. Thats not the problem. its just the node editor freezing or crashing my system.