Node Editor 'Duplicate' Noodle

Is it possible to do the following inside the Node editor:
Lets assume I have a Noise Texture Node connected to a ColorRamp Node.
I then add a second ColorRamp Node, which has nothing connected to its Input.

Can I somehow tell my second ColorRamp Node to use the same Noise Texture as Input as my first ColorRamp?

The idea is that inside the node editor, my Noise Texture is very far away from both my ColorRamps and I am looking for a faster way to connect them so I can avoid zooming and panning.

Thanks for your answers.

You can hold Shift and drag over a noodle to create a reroute (just like you would do Ctrl drag to cut a noodle) close to the input of your first color ramp. Then you would only need to do the plugging fom the reroute.

Yes that seems to do the trick. Thanks.