Node editor fails

Blender crashes. When I try to report a bug via help, I’m not accepted with the user name I’ve always used, (ID Auth add-on activated)

Start a new account? Can’t because I already have one, working access or not

How do I report a bug?

First thing I’d try is deactivate the add-on and try again.

I don’t know how that add-on works, but IIRC phabricator’s (aka where you report bugs) username and password are completely separate from the rest of the websites that use your Blender ID.

If you go to, in the top right corner there should be a login button. When you click on it does your browser automatically fill in your credentials? If not, or if it does but when logging in it says that your username or password is incorrect, you can check your browser’s saved passwords, search for blender, and see if there are any other credentials saved there. The fact that sites that end in ‘’ have different username and passwords can cause the browser to save the under just

If that doesn’t work, reset your password.