Node editor - interactive object position


I am new to node editor.
I am going to make a color-detector on an object using node editor. What I want to implement is to change the color of one moving (active objects in game engine) object based on its distance from another moving (active) object.

  1. Is that possible in the node editor to have the position data of another object?
  2. Can I have the data of objects about their ‘rotation’ in the node editor ? i.e. if an object rotates (relative to another object) its color changes based on the amount of rotation.

Thank you for your help in advance.

I am still waiting for someone’s advice…

At the moment, Cycles cannot access rotational information. nor can it get information about other objects… It can get the location of the current object however.

Your best bet is to try and set up drivers to drive the colour based off rotation.

Check out Nikitron’s Sverchok script. He is manipulating objects using the node editor. It’s not just for Cycles.