Node Editor problem.

Not sure if I’m in the right area but I have a question regarding the node editor. Was working in a render at 800x600 and had no problems. Wanted to try a higher res 2339x1654 and found that the UV / Image window has a problem displaying the image if it is reduced. 1:1 and higher is ok. If you also reduce the image in the render buffer window you get the same result.

I’ve posted some screen grabs hope this makes sense.

The first is the after the render is complete and all looks good.

In the second grab I’ve just clicked on the UV / image window and by using the mouse wheel reduced the image size and you can see the result. If the scroll the mouse wheel to increase the image all is ok again.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Cheers Kordo.


UV textures should be square and a power of 2. try changing your texture to 2048x2048 using a simple node convertor (input image to an output, and set your output to 2kx2k). Save image and reload. Also, 2kxk at 24 bit depth is 12 megabytes. Your video card probably did a brain fry.

Thanks RW I tried the same file on my system at home and work fine, so it must of been the graphics card. I’m running 2 x 7900 GT cards at home but I’m not running them in SLI mode. Could you tell me if Blender will utilize them in SLI mode?

Cheers, Kordo.

dunno. Blender uses the OpenGL drivers. 7900 implies an Nvidia card and Nvidia is happy with OpenGL. so if OpenGL driver has an SLI mode and you want it, cool.