Node Editor - Zoom All Modification

When I am using the node editor and change to a different material, the nodes are usually zoomed out of view so I always have to hit the Home key to zoom all. So whenever I download a new subversion of Blender, I edit my to include the following code:

# Added Zoom All function
row.operator(“node.view_all”, text="", icon=‘ZOOM_ALL’)

I wonder if it would be practical to add this to the master so all could benefit.

simple stuff like this improve the useability.
automatically of course also very usefull

Hmm…:confused: so it’s mouse click vs keyboard key press. Interesting , what to do what to do :evilgrin:.

Click the mouse. But I also have mouse button 4 mapped to zoom all in the node editor and image editor so I have many options.

you could also simply click dot key on num keypad !

happy cl