Node Group Libraries

I have tried finding information on saving node groups. In particular I’d like to save all my custom node groups so that they are available at startup. I understand the process of linking a .blend file and the associated node groups would come in but I’d rather it be an automatic process to preload the groups. (plus it seems tedious when I am working on a file to "rebuild it into a library .blend file and then having to link evertime).

Any other way of saving and re-using groups?

Can you not just save the node groups in your default startup blend file (Ctrl+U)

no, i just tried that with blendernerd’s “pack of death” nodes and it didnt save them.
it would be nice if all those could be added to the startup blend,
or if someone make an addon that would enable extra nodes

Append all nodetrees you need and overwrite your startup.blend.
I try with append one nodetree and strg+u and it work.

Cheers, mib.