Node 'Group Output' Misunderstanding?

Created a basic drawing mesh with curve setup.
Seems pretty simple and works well. However, I can’t figure out how to have more than one object be used (short of creating a collection which I don’t want).

The icosphere in the upper node setup will appear randomly as setup,
but the bottom setup’s cone will not.

I was assuming (wrongly?) that the two inputs on the final ‘Group Output’ meant I could have two different mesh selections appear along the curve.
Seems simple but not functioning.

Any thoughts on how to make this work? Would be great if I could mix n match objects while drawing the curve. Possibly even adding more than 2 (assuming I can get the 2 to work).

You’ll want a Join Geometry node here, combining your geometry into one single output


Awesome! That did exactly what I needed. Thanks!

Do you know the purpose of the 2 or more inputs on the node? Probably beyond my understanding at this point…

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Well, you still can use that second output, if you use that nodegroup inside of a nodegroup. If the nodegroup is used in the modifier stack, then only the top output gets used.

nodegroups are intended to be modular, so they have a number of features that aren’t fully supported in all contexts.