Node Kit - Blender add-on to manage (save and load) nodes in Node Editor

That was so quick! Great support as always :slight_smile:

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Just figured out where to find the code to fix it. So it’s just a few lines of code. BTW, Your blend files for testing issues are so great, well done and thank you for your help.

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Hello again! Two more animation nodes related bugs to report this time.

  1. Group subprogram output socket names are reset to default on preset load
  2. Switch node label resets to default on preset load

I’m using Blender 2.90 and Animation Nodes 2.2.1

Examples in the blend file as usual.

Node Kit Bug Report 03.blend (885.4 KB)

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Hey, I am busy for a week. I think I will have time to look into it after a week, feels very sorry.

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That’s ok, it’s not urgent :slight_smile:

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Hi, I just released a new update (v1.1.13) which fixes your issues, have a try. And sorry for the delay. :slight_smile:

Version 1.1.13:

  • Fixed socket names reset to default for group output nodes
  • Fixed switch node label resets to default on preset load
  • Fixed import animation node error
  • Fixed: Node object don’t have int attribute for legacy nodes
  • Fixed: Node position not correct while it’s in a frame
  • Fixed int, string, group attribute not in Node error

No need to apologise! Your support has been more than fantastic.

The fixes in this version are working great so far. There’s only one more minor bug I know of right now, related to shader nodes, I’ll reply with details soon.

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Ok, The latest releases also fixes other users issues, so you can just try if the minor bug you mentioned got fixed, if not, just let me know.

I love your blend file, it’s so easy to handle, you are the best user ever. :slight_smile:

New updates.

Version 1.1.14:

  • Fixed input sockets not hidden for nodes if hidden is true

Hello Aaron,

Maybe serpens isn’t compatible for the moment…

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Sorry for the late reply, can you upload the blend file which cause this issue? So I can debug on it.

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Sorry new users can’t upload files, I use the nodes exemples from serpens, and when I try to save groups or nodes , this popup appeared.

I just get granted, here is the file !
Serpens InterfaceFunction nodes.blend (891.4 KB)

Just tried to open your blend file, it got errors because I did not install Serpens add-on, because Serpens use custom node system, so that Node Kit would not be able to handle it even if I install Serpens.

Sorry, Node Kit just support build-in nodes, like shader nodes, compositor node, and animation nodes.

Here is the screenshot with some errors:

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That’s what I was thinking, netherless you’ve made a great addon ! Thanks for your tests…

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