Node Kit - Blender add-on to manage (save and load) nodes in Node Editor

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Hi Aaron,

it’s perfect & works like a charm.

Thank you very much.
I moved my folder without any issue and saving without images works great, so you can see what images were chosen but aren’t included in the Library.

I did a node setup yesterday with 3 HDR images. This alone blew up my library from 200 MB to 1200 MB.

SO, now NodeKit Library is super tiny after re-saving the old nodes that contained images.

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It’s great to hear, I tested a lot while implementing these issues, but sometimes I can not cover all cases, so just let me know if you have an issue. Always happy to help users.

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Node Kit updates to v1.3.14, recommend to upgrade.

Version 1.3.14:

  • Fixed error on starup for Blender 3.0.0 Beta
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Hi. Do you also plan to offer a “Black Friday - Cyber Monday” discount on Gumroad?

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Yeah, use bfcm2021 code to get 25% off on Gumroad for all of my add-ons.