Node library

I was just wondering if anyone knew of a resource for various effects using nodes. Surely someone somewhere has been generous enough to package a bunch of noodles together for typical effects and such. Would be a great learning resource.
thats the results from the wiki search for blender nodes.
other than that, search this forum for nodes, go through the results & copy the settings.
It’s a good Idea for a nodes repository, you could set one up.

I’ll do that once I get good :wink: Unfortunately that’s why I’m looking for one, so that I can get better

the wiki has some good tutorials, do use the search function in this forum for nodes,
there are a lot of good images & explanations for using nodes.
Iv’e collected about 20 or 30 node set ups, some just screenshots, but Blend files too, all from the forum, It’s a good way to learn by seeing what others have done & how they did it.

This sounds a lot like an idea/project that I have posted at the BAM website. It would entail creating a Material Node ‘Cookbook’ and distributing it as a pdf.

It could easily be expanded to include special effects.

Cool, but it’d be cooler if it was just a .blend file. That way you could just append the noodle from the file to whatever your working on.

It’d be an awesome project, and I’m surprised if this hasn’t already been done. If not, we should get a lot of artists together and collaborate to create one big repository. Wouldn’t take much, the hard part would just be documentation and organizing it all consistently.

That is a great idea Dreamsgate! :smiley:

I was thinking blend files could be made available for download also, or combined into categories so that there would be fewer files to keep track of.

But the main reason for the pdf is to actually learn and understand how effects/materials are made.

While blend files are great if the material/effect you want has already been created, a pdf explaining the process of different material/effects would be a great learning tool. It would also allow for creation of further materials that could be added to the main pdf/blend file library.

I will be posting soon, calling for materials/effects to be submitted as soon as I write a good outline of categories and submission guidelines for better organization.

Hello All,

I think the challenge would be to group the nodes in an intelligent manner. Only by grouping nodes can you append to another blend file. On the surface, it may appear to easy to just append a material, but for efficiency in future projects, I think it would be a huge benefit to break up the solution into smaller bits. I guess I am thinking somewhat in terms of object oriented code.

If you find yourself adding the same number of nodes in many materials, there is no point in defining them over and over again. I really wish the Blender Library script would have been kept up to date, as nodes would have been a most welcome addition to the functionality.

Best of Luck!

Well, there are something like 50 nodes, and i have seen noodles of 20 nodes, altho functions like green screen with shadow take like 10 and that crazy comic book oversaturated japanese thing took I think 100. Forgive me if my combinatorial math is a little rusty, but 10 nodes out of 50 combined any which way is like a bizillion functions and effects. I just did a Batman spin-in for a video tutorial; the list is endless. In the wiki I did try to give some ideas, and we can always use more practical examples (sorta centered around the main node used to do the effect). Is there something specific you had in mind you wanted help on?

no I was just looking for a bunch of noodle examples. Nothing specific. Just wanted to find a library of various techniques to do various things.