Node notes website

Hello all,

I saw once news on “” which explained something and for it’s explanation it used a website where people can make notes using node like interface.

Now trying to find that post and I can’t, perhaps anyone remembers what website it was on? Or anyone knows a website with a node like notes possibility? Thanks in advance!!!

Here’s the picture I found that looks like what i want to be able to do:

Packages for building node-based interfaces in computer programs do exist. Open source and otherwise. It’s actually easier than it appears.

no it’s not what i’m looking for.

What I need is to take notes. But so that it would look like making nodes.

i made this diagram with a free software called DIA

or you can use gliffy

Thanks alot! DIA is really awesome! and it’s free as you said! Thanks alot, this program makes making notes and thinking on ideas much easier!