Hey folks

Got time to experiment so I’d figure I drop in on the testing forum.
Been trying to see if I can achieve similar results as Freestyle renderer with blender composite nodes and procedural textures.
All I needed was some edge information from the
models which you can get with renderedge buy turning intensity all the way up(255).I’ve

look down on the renderedge in Blender 3d for being old limiting code,but I liked the

results I got.



I like it! I dunno why but I just do :slight_smile:


Freestyle uses edges which it can break up into pieces and then apply a style to stroke (brush/straight etc) to the edge.

Good work there. Try and see if you can make some other effects. Maybe Pynodes will allow freestyle effects in future.


Yeah pynodes could stretch this really far:).I Wonder if a anti-aliasing can be made for the filter node?
Right now the only thing keeping the edges form not looking like square blocks is a procedural noise or a image texture multiplied alot of times to break the block look up.
They seem to work better for animation too.

Wish I could tweak a ink brush edge or a crayon style with this technique.
All in all having I’m fun with this.