Node packs/ presets

(Daniel8488) #1

since the node editor supports groups would it be possible to have preset groups for node materials such as SSS. there could be a text file with instructions on where to place the nodes in a material so that the effects can be scene, these wouldnt need to be in detail. something like “connect to mix node with other material” or something simialar. i think this would be a good idea since most other programs come with a few presets. also hair, water/ ocean node material presets would be good. Im working on a short film with a bunch of freinds and i (ill have to ask the rest) would be more than happy to donate some materials that will be used. what do you’s think of this?

(IanC) #2

I’m assuming you could append them from another file. If so, you could create a library of simple presets.

This way they can be updated and improved as needed.


(Ace Dragon) #3

I just made a simple node material in a file I’m working on, saved it, open new, and went to append, I found out you can append node materials from another file. Just go to materials and pick the one you want (note it won’t say node or N in front of it but it’s there)