Node question (Vector math - length)

I downloaded the file from the post and looked at how the node was configured, but I didn’t understand it, so I posted the question.

As far as I know, only selected the z-axis line as the switch node, and I think they put the length.
It seems to define the length of x,y,z using that length, but I don’t understand how to calculate that value.
Is the connection to the Combine XYZ node other than the length value?

Thank you for your reply in advance.

If the Edge vector dot (0,0,1) is 0 then the edge is horizontal, so, the Switch filters out the Width (W, which is just the length of that edge) which gets captured on that face’s edges as Capture=(W+W+0+0)/4 (quads), so W=Capture*2. Then get Height (H) using the Area input, since Area=W*H, H=Area/W. Approximate depth (D) to sqrt(Area). Those dimensions (W,D,H) then gets captured per face.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you for your answer!

I understand how it’s calculated.
But I don’t understand why is it that the capture attribute node adds the length of the width and the length of the height and then the division 4 is done? Does the capture attribute node calculate the average length?
I thought only the length of the horizon was captured in the capture attribute node. Also, even if capture it, I never thought there would be an operation to find the length of the perimeter

Kinda. Because there are 4 edges per face. If it was a n-gon with 6 edges, then it would be divided by 6. This method only works with vertically aligned rectangular quads. So, this method is figuring out the width by using that fact.

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I’m here to confirm it’s this, also apparently there’s a new node in beta (or alpha ?) that will map an instance to a quad face, so this would become obsolete.

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I didn’t know this information. Thank you for the news!