Node question.

I’m sure this has been asked before, I am making a texture of blue painted wood. I have the wood image mapped out and ready to go. I have the diffuse shader set to blue. When I set the RBG mix node to multiply I get black. What am I doing wrong. Thanks for the help.

You want to use an rbg node to go into the multiply. See the noodle colors, green for bsdf yellow for color. The result of that multiply (the color output on the multiply) would go into the color input of the diffuse node. I can’t gaurantee you it will give you the effect you want, but this is how that setup should look. And of course your mesh needs to be unwrapped. And you’ll almost certainly want to mix some glossy into the mix. It’s just no fun without it. :mad:

Thanks. That did the trick. Now I just need to adjust the texture.

Looking very nice. I might lower the roughness on the glossy, and (it’s been said many times) you might want to experiment with using layer weight, fresnel as the mix factor. Adjust the blend value to see the effect. For a lot of materials especially plastic and paint, it gives better results than a simple mix alone.

Thanks for the tip