Node setup for LED lamp

How would you set up the nodes to make a realistic led lamp material.
I want the inside of the glass to be “milky” and the led to be able to glow and be turned off.
this is the look I’m going for.43
I’m always thankful for the help from members of BA.

I’ve played a bit.
That’s what I’ve done.
2 shaders, one for the exterior, one for the interior (controlled by solidify material index)
Point light inside.
You can use a glass for the exterior too if you think it’s better.
I won’t waste too much time on attempts to get the best result, made quickly what came first in my mind, sorry.


Thank you LazyVirus

Don’t forget to turn off MIS unless you plan to light a room with it :slight_smile:

My own setups always goes like this:

  • Scattered portion of absorption; mix between diffuse (or sss if applicable) and translucent.
  • Transmissive portion of absorption; mix between refraction and transparent, with geometry/incoming as refraction normal for use on thin surfaces.
  • Those two are mixed with factor, then fresnel mixed with the glossy component. The IOR for fresnel must have inverted value (1/n) for backfacing faces if used on thin surfaces.
  • Then all of that is mixed with another transparent for shadow control, using light path/isShadowRay. If you’re going for a fresnel effect on the shadow, this must not only use the trick above, but furthered be “powered” to add a region where it is not transparent at all - this is critical if using this thin method for geometry with thickness.
  • Finally, all of the above is added to an emission shader, or use light source based. Both should have MIS turned off.
    Color should go to everything except glossy which should be white.
    Making it “glow”, you have to use glare node in compositor, perhaps with material ID for additional control.
    Turbidity (smokyness/milkyness) doesn’t exist in Cycles as a surface property. You have to go full blown volume scatter and absorption for this, which kinda sucks.

This elaborate setup, which allows a great amount of flexibility, goes something like this:

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Thank you carl!

should give a better look I think if you use EEVEE with bloom
it will lit all around as a real LED

I will try to make a model for this later on and come back

happy bl

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@LazyVirus how did you manage to render this without all the fireflies? when I do this at 2000 sample render I get allot of fireflies.

In the image above I was using the classic denoiser.

In blender 2.81 daily builds if you want you can use instead the intel denoiser node that you find in compositor (Filter > Denoise).
In that case don’t forget to enable denoising data pass as I show you in the following image, and feed the node with albedo and normal denoise data (from the render layer node).