Node setup for many image seq, one after the other?

I have 10-15 image sequences that I want to run through the compositor, just displaying one after the other. I know I can use mix-nodes to do that, but could there be a simpler setup?
I could put all images in one folder and make it one image sequence, but to keep track of the files I would prefer having them separate.

Why not use the VSE instead? Its much quicker to set up transitions between sequences of images.

Actually it was just one long sequence, but I wanted to keep the files in different folders. But now I’ve bit the bullet and put them all in one.
Made me think of a Mix-node with several inputs, where you can choose what happens when one of them sends a “finished” message.

This is one area where the compositor lacks: time manipulation. Ability to freeze frame, do time offset, retime and so on.

What you can do is set the start frame or offset values for each read node so that when playing the full sequence, each one of them starts when the previous is finished. As the frame that does not exist is black, you can simply Mix all the clips together without worrying about alpha.

Maybe a frame-node? Are there other compositors using nodes that have some sort of time-nodes?

Good to know its not neccesary to worry about alpha

Not sure about Fusion but Nuke for example has more than ten nodes for manipulating time or time related ops.

You can hack the image movie node frame start and offset with drivers to create time effects like slow motion or freeze frame.