Node Sharer Addon

I just came across to this amazing addon: Node Sharer

It allows you to share your procedural material setups as a text string. You simply copy & paste it! Here is a test string to try out (You’ll obviously need the addon to paste):


Discord channel for the addon:


I really like the idea behind the add-on: being able to quickly share nodes with other people just by copy+pasting a short a paragraph of text (characters and digits) is very convenient.

If the add-on gets widely used, it might be a game changer regarding how Blender users share nodes with friends and wherever they want (chat rooms, Facebook, Skype, Discord, Twitch, etc.). It’s often easier, on social medias, to share a text, rather than a .blend file.


I’m looking onto this. Great idea.

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We have this same kinda thing at work for our internal shader graph. It’s definitely very handy. Can email or send in an IM quick. To paste across a node layout quickly. Instead of sending a shader file or whatnot.

Edit: seems like this addon pastes the entire material however and not nodes themselves?

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Yes, it shares the material. I believe it can be improved further to share only selected nodes or node groups etc.
Developer has a Discord if you would like to contact: wildiness#7533

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Developer created a Discord channel for the addon as well: