Node test

Well I played around with nodes for the first time! Didn’t had experience with nodes at all. I build a test scene quickly just to have something to test. Here is the result. Kind of fantasy look or something…? :confused: :slight_smile:


That looks great! How did you do the mountains? A picture?

Thank you! :smiley:

Well yeah the mountains and the sky is simply a background picture added to a plane.

And the ground is set to 2 planes to create more depth

Here’s the scene:


A picture of a cross in a field with some highly dramatic colors and contrast, decent enough but the washout in the middle needs to either be toned down or have its edges be a smoother gradient, as it totally burns out that part of the image

With a little more work this could end up being the background for lyrics of certain Christian songs, it closely resembles images already in use like that.

You are right! But as I used nodes for the first time I was highly impressed what is possible with it, so I tuned the parameters of the nodes to high. I’ll try to reduce the burn through effect tomorrow! For now I’ll get some sleep :slight_smile: Good night everybody! :smiley: