Node Texture Vs Image Channel

Greetings & Salivations

im having a small issue with working in node textures.

Im making a forest in the med-background area of a composition. so i made a bunch of trees with the handy dandy “Trees from curves” and they all look good enough to use for my forest

well after i combined a bunch of them (mapped to planes) i noticed i wanted to change the colours of a few of the trees to enhance the sense of variation. so i made a couple of them node textures and started fiddling with RGB curves and hue/saturation values. but when i did that the trees began to look rather jagged and pixelated.

i soon figured out it was the nodes that were causing the issue but i think i must be missing a step or something.

i really wanted to use nodes so i didn’t have to switch back and forth to photoshop to make simple colour variations

any help / ideas would be appreciated

EDIT: turning on “FULL OSA” for the material lessens the sharpening effect by about 60% wich is good… still could use another 40% less jaggedness though