Node textures for displace modifier

I’m having a bit of trouble getting node textures working with the displace modifier, would really appreciate some help…

I’ve got the node window open, selected the texture node tree and selected the texture that the displace modifier is using. As soon as I click ‘Use Nodes’ it adds a checker texture and an output node. The problem is, once this is done, in the texture settings for the displace modifier, under the nodes section, it says ‘No output node’. But there is one… No displacement is shown on the model.

Have tried connecting colour and normal values to the output node, but nothing.

Am I doing something wrong, or are node textures not supported for displace?


Looks like texture nodes do not work with the displacement modifier at the present time.


Thanks Jandress, was sure I wasn’t making a mistake, good to have it confirmed. Hopefully it’ll be implemented soon…