Node to increase total image resolution?

I am trying to use the Compositor to create a single reference image from a separate FRONT and SIDE. I need to make the total image resolution wider to so that I can translate the images to be side by side. (Basically trying to avoid using another program like Photoshop to do this)

thanks in advance!

One example. The final image size is set in the render settings

omg so obvious! Thank you Richard, you have saved me more times than I can remember!!!

Shoot…I thought I had it…
both of my images are jpgs. Do I need an alpha channel?

I am using 2.71 and my Scale node looks different from yours…

my final render is always cropped!

GOT IT. On Mix node, needed to check Use Alpha of second image. Then on the Composite node, had to uncheck Use Alpha

pay attention! you have your node set to scene size, Richard has his node set to render size with the mode set to fit and you have added random translate nodes.

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Thats right, notice that the scale node has translate values to move the images around.

haha thanks for keeping me in check! But have you tried this yourself? It’s harder than it looks. Since I’m using jpgs, having to uncheck Use Alpha on the Composite node threw me off - I didn’t think to try that till after… I thought my problem would be solved by switching the Scale modes.

lol ok, as long as you got it working, thats the main thing

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