Node Wrangler automatic PBR setup not working?

I’ve been trying to set up a PBR texture, but on Blender 3.2.2, macOS 12.4, nothing happens. The name strings are correct in the files, I’ve tried with JPGs and PNGs, avoided mixed-format textures, renamed them all… still nothing. I select the materials, click the import button, but no node setup, no textures, nada. Any ideas? This definitely worked in an earlier version of Blender, but not tried it in a while.

EDIT: Just downloaded 2.93.1 and it works fine. Might it be an addon conflict? And what’s the best way to check without destroying my Blender setup!

Hi there,

The auto open PBR maps never really worked for me all the way, so I usually just drag the images in.

Now, if you upen the addons, and open up the Node wrangler drop down, this feature should have a fine tuning option, where you can mark, what to recognize. E.g. something “normal” will be normal, but maybe “_n” as well. So, I think, you can amend that part there.

But honestly, I never really tweaked it, I usually do procedurals, so this is all I can remember. Hope it helps :blush:

Happy blending!

Yeah, I’ve already tweaked the search strings to suit, but it still does nothing. Doesn’t even load a texture or set up the nodes. Really frustrating.

I may do them in an earlier version and save a file for the asset browser. Although I’m s bit confused how that works as well!


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The only time that happens to me reliably is if I do the PBR import right after creating a new material. At that point both the Material Output and the Principled BDSF are selected automatically, and if I now press SHIFT-CTRL-T, it lets me go off selecting to my heart’s content, but it won’t import a thing. I need to remember to first click the Principled so it is the only thing selected, then it works perfectly (as long as all the naming is fine).

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You sir are a genius. Problem solved, thank you!!

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Hi there, I marked @piranha4D’s answer as solution. Please tell me, if that is alright with you :blush:

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One last thing: it isn’t setting up a Displacement node and texture. Any reason for that?

Displacement was the only thing, that auto set always left out for me, along with AO amd Opacity :smile: I just guess it works with the basic types of PBR maps? :confused:

I don’t know; it works for me (though I am in 3.1, I doubt that something this obvious is broken in 3.2). Have you double-checked the naming? You changed some stuff originally because it didn’t work, maybe something got messed up?

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Yeah, I’ve checked the spelling and added the correct name strings in the addon. Oh well, the other textures are working. You can close this now.