Node Wrangler in 2.8 - Cut links


(reck) #1

Holding the control key and dragging with the right-mouse button should turn your cursor into a knife that you can use to cut links in your node networks.

This isn’t working for me at the moment when Node Wrangler is enabled, is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong?


(burnin) #2

Shader Editor.
‘Links Cut’ is on the tool bar, but w/o shortcut set. :wink:

(reck) #3

Yeah you can click the toolbar button but you don’t want to do that every time you want to cut a connection.

The tooltip at the bottom does say cut when you hold down the control key but it doesnt work.

(burnin) #4

True, as you select the tool, you use it without holding down CTRL. Just Left click.
Otherwise, Right click (on the tool icon) > Assign Shortcut < :wink: hint hint

(Sanne) #5

In this bug report about 2.8 node editor shortcuts it is mentioned by user cgvirus, that ctrl+right mouse conflicts with node wrangler’s lazy connect function which is also set to ctrl+right mouse.

Hopefully it gets resolved, I also don’t want to always click the disconnect tool or activate with a custom shortcut, then do the disconnect, then click the select tool again. It’s much quicker with a modifier.

(reck) #6

I completely agree with what you said Sanne,

Hopefully as it’s been raised in the bug tracker this will get fixed before 2.8 comes out of beta.