What exactly is a node and why do we need them? Can someone explain in detail please or can i get a good tut on it?

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Nodes are used to give you much more control over the area you’re using them with. For example say you have a material and you want to use two different types of noise on it to simulate a rocky surface or brick. You can create your base material for color, specularity, ect. and then create a nother node for your noise material setting and connect that node to the color or the bump channel of the original material. From there you can create a second noise node and connect all three together give you the desired result without the hassle of trying to get that result with only one material. It might be hard to grasp at first but it makes life so much easier when you’re compositing, creating complex materials, or doing general post effects like DOF (depth of field blurring). I don’t know of any tutorials as of yet since I’m a newer Blenderhead myself but from past experience with XSI or Messiah Studio it is so much better having access to some form of node editing when you are working on a scene.

Thankx, is there a tutorial so I can practice using them?


I haven’t seen any real in depth tutorial… Search around, there has to be one somewhere.

Composite nodes

Material and composite nodes…ver.727.0.html

Best of Luck!!